If you have to take regular walks, for whatever reason – your annoying dog, your recent heart attack, your roommate who practices the banjo – why not take them at the most beautiful time of day?

A nice walk during the "golden hour" will surely brighten your mood. It will provide a beautiful backdrop for your selfies and dog photos. It will make you think deep thoughts, and whet your appetite for dinner. Even if you don't live in a particularly beautiful place, you can always enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The only problem is the timing. The sun sets at a different time every single day, so a regular schedule won't do. Leave too early, and you'll kick yourself for forgetting sunscreen and sunglasses as your skin crinkles and your retinas burn in the afternoon glare. Leave too late, and you'll end up walking home in the dark, scared as the dickens, wishing you had brought a sweater, and some kind of weapon. Wondering if your dog is really the kind who would confront a mountain lion.

Don't leave it to chance!

Just look in the app store for your phone and search for "sunset alarm" (or "sunrise alarm," if you're one of those people) and download a simple app. There are dozens to choose from. I've only tried https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id809527784?mt=8>this one</a>, and I like it just fine. It does one thing – notifies me every day at a pre-determined time before sunset – and that's it. I think it's worth $1.99 to not have to look at ads, but that's up to you.

Now you can enjoy beautiful sunset walks every day. Don't forget to take your phone -- or even your good camera -- along. For motivation, you could challenge yourself to take a sunset photo every day for a month, or a year. Get your neighbors together for sunset walks. Or, forget the walk, and just go outside and look at the sunset.